Affordable Distributors 12 X 10 3/4 Inch Pop-up Silver Foil Sheets Pack of 200


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For the fastest, most efficient service possible, put down the roll foil and turn to Affordable Distributors pop up aluminum foil sheets! The high-quality, interfolded pre-cut sheets are perfect for use when wrapping hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, baked potatoes, and so much more. Use them at your concession stand, fast food restaurant, snack bar, or even at the convenience of your own home to save the time and the hassle associated with unrolling and estimating sheet sizes from traditional foil rolls. Since these sheets come precut, in a pop-up style box, you'll always have a consistently-sized sheet at the ready. The pop-up design ensures sanitation, with your staff only touching the sheet they need at the time of service. So do not hesitate stock up NOW on these pop up foil and have them handy and ready whenever you need it!


  • These pop up pre cut foil is the "BEST" solution for everyone. It comes in a neat packed box with 200 12 x 10 ¾ inch pre cut aluminum foil made from the best quality aluminum. Its pop up style box makes it easy to handle with because you always have sheet of foil "popping" out of the box. It's always ready when you're ready!
  • Affordable Distributors pop up foil is made from the most high quality durable foil possible and it is perfectly designed to maintain your food which needs to be put away, your lunch sandwich to be taken along, or anytime you take any food along on any trip; Fresh, Scrumptious, and Delicious.
  • These 12" x 10.75" Pre-Cut Pop up Metallic Aluminum foil sheets are the perfect household item made to wrap up hot food items like sandwiches, baked potatoes, and much, much, more! These high-quality sheets come in pre-cut pop up form box for saving your time. No wasted time or hassle with unrolling and estimating sheet sizes to cut. Strongly recommended for household use!
  • With this Phenomenal foil sheets you will always have the perfect foil next to your hand ready to wrap up any type of food for a longer or shorter trip, being calm and confident that it will stay fresh, delicious and will not leak out due to its "GREAT QUALITY" characteristics!
  • Designed for all Occasions, Banquets, Dinners, Parties, Events, Restaurants, Take Outs, and for everyday use. It is the MUST item which makes Life In The Kitchen ''a lot'' Easier!


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