Bellemain Cookie Sheet 14″x17″ , Pro Chef Quality, Heavy Duty Aluminum

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No more brown cookie bottoms, soggy spots in the pizza crust or unevenly baked baguettes! This extra-thick aluminum sheet stays flat and maintains a consistent temperature all over its surface, making it easy for you to elevate your baking game to professional standards.

10 Gauge Aluminum Won't Warp
Very few baking pans on the market are this thick and sturdy. But that's what you need to keep the metal from warping as it heats up. (The banging noise you hear shortly after putting your inferior 11 or 13 gauge pan in the oven is the sound of it warping.) And if the pan is warped, your cookies or rolls won't all finish baking at the same moment, leaving you with some underdone, some overdone and some just right.

Heats Quickly and Evenly
Professional bakers prefer aluminum because it gets up to temperature faster and more evenly than any other metal except copper -- which is even more important when baking times are short, as they are for most cookies. The Bellemain Baking Pan is natural finish aluminum, with no dark coating to cause burning on the bottom before the top is cooked.

2 Flat Sides Let You Slide Foods On and Off
Put your spatula away. Now you can remove just-baked cookies, pizzas and fries in a second, simply by tilting the pan! The flat sides are also convenient for transferring large dough products, such as roulades and focaccia, to the pan for baking. The other two sides have rolled edges for you to grab while you're moving the pan to or from the oven.

Hanging Hole
The pan's designers have even built in an extra storage solution for you: a hole for hanging it on a wall. If you have multiple Bellemain Baking Pans, they will nest together to take up minimum storage space.


  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Commercial kitchens and chefs everywhere depend on heavy duty 10 gauge aluminum to create delectable baked treats, pastries, desserts and hors d'oeuvres.
  • QUICK AND EVEN HEATING FOR CONSISTENT RESULTS: Cooks and pastry chefs can depend on achieving the same great results every time this cookie sheet goes into the oven.
  • EASILY TRANSFER FOOD FROM SHEET TO PLATE: This cookie sheet is tailor made to make your life easier with two flat sides designed for transferring food and two rolled sides for easy grabbing.
  • WILL NEVER WARP OR BEND: Premium quality aluminum prevents the kind of warping that happens when aot sheet comes out of the oven and hits the cold air.
  • CONVENIENT HOLE FOR HANGING: Store your new baking sheet in the way that's most convenient for you. Cocarefree maintenance with dishwasher safe aluminum.


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