Beyond Gourmet Unbleached Cheesecloth


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Discover the many uses of cheesecloth with this essential kitchen accessory from Beyond Gourmet. Made of 100% white lint-free Cotton, this cheesecloth can be cut and used as spice bags. Cheesecloth is perfect to use during canning, poaching, straining, and even cleaning. This package consists of two square yards of cheesecloth that is made in the USA, and is machine washable. 2 square yards


  • Beyond Gourmet Unbleached cheesecloth for cooking, roasting, draining, straining, sieving, fermenting foods, cooking with herbs, steeping tea and more
  • Made from 100-percent Unbleached cotton; chlorine free and lint free; washable and reusable
  • Filter out seeds and skins for smooth sauces, purees, and jellies; drain liquids and whey from dairy for denser homemade cheese and Thick Greek Yogurt
  • Wrap herbs and spices in a bouquet garnish for easy removal before serving foods, INFUSE oil and vinegar, make mulled cider, or homebrew craft beer
  • Allows proper airflow for making probiotic and fermented food, like kefir and kombucha tea; protects food from debris and bugs during fermentation