BOCHA – High Quality Culinary Creme Brulee Butane Gas Cooking Torch Lighter, Professional Kitchen Use


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Be your own professional chef with the BOCHA Cooking Torch!
Whether your inside or outside, the portable BOCHA Torch will be by your side when you need it. It's the perfect tool for cooking, camping, welding, lighting and much more.

• Caramelize sugar
• Brown meringues
• Roast marshmallows
• Melt chocolate
• Smoke meat
• Glaze ham
• Sear seafood
• Melt cheese
• Light a campfire
• Light a cigar
• Welding
• Much more!

The BOCHA Torch runs on butane gas and heats up to 1300'C / 2500'F. Simply fill the torch with butane gas and let it sit for 5 minutes to settle. For safety reasons, butane gas is NOT INCLUDED with the item. Use responsibly and keep children out of reach.

Lighting Instructions
1. Press the ignition button to start the fire (do not point at face or any combustible material). In sunlight or brightly lit areas the flame may be hard to see, please use carefully.
2. Push the flame lock to create continuous burning.
3. The flame size can be adjusted by turning the gas flow control knob on the bottom of the device. You may also rotate the airflow valve to adjust the strength.
4.Push the flame lock to the off position to extinguish the fire. The flame guard will be very hot after use, please wait several minutes for the blowtorch to cool down before touching.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We will fully refund your order if you are not satisfied.

User manual is sent by e-mail after purchase (if purchased from BOCHA). Please be sure to read and save the file before using the device.


  • DURABLE CULINARY QUALITY - Built with metal and textured non-slip grip, heats up to 1300'C / 2500'F
  • EASY AND SIMPLE USE - Simply fill with butane (not included), adjust control knob and start using immediately
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Gas control knob and lock feature to customize flame to perfection
  • PERFECT KITCHEN TOOL - Caramelize sugar, roast marshmallows, melt chocolate, sear and smoke meat or seafood and much more
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - 100% hassle free returns


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