DOYOLLA 1pcs Oval Shaped 10″ Banneton Brotform Bread Dough Proofing Rising Rattan Basket & Liner Combo





A sturdy, hand-formed, rattan banneton is great for proofing your bread.
These are also known as brotforms or proofing baskets.
Bannetons are used for rising your dough while providing the loaf with shape and wicking moisture from the crust.
Don’t bake the bread in the basket.
When dough is risen, turn it out onto a pan to bake. The loaf will sport a gorgeous pattern of floury rings circling the deep-golden crust.
Pls note may a little deviation exists for the size due to handmade product.


  • Best for making healthy artisan bread
  • Both for home use or bread shop
  • Made of nature rattan and comply with EU food standard
  • Hand wash with warm water and keep dry after clean
  • Package included: 1 pcs bread basket & Liner