iCooker Banneton Proofing Basket for Bread and Dough [8-Inch] – Best Round Professional Brotform with Rising Pattern


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Used for Hundreds of Years

If this is your first time using a proofing basket, rest assured that they work great. The idea is to let the bread rise in the brotform to yield a beautiful pattern at the top. The wood draws off surface moisture so that the crust turns out crusty.

And that's just a part of it - you don't have to wash this proofing basket after each use. The natural wood used to make this product has natural anti-bacterial properties. That's why proofing baskets have been in use for centuries, and people never get sick by not washing them.

Great Results with Easy Maintenance

What makes this particular proofing basket special? We invested a lot of time to put together a fine product that yields great results while at the same time being easy to maintain. We were able to do this by paying attention to the finer details. When you first get it, simply wipe with a lightly damp cloth. You will need to coat the form with flour so that your bread doesn't stick when baking.

You can count on this quality-based proofing basket to make the best, healthy bread for your family and guests.


  • ✔100% ARTISAN - our 8" proofing basket is designed with the artisan bread maker in mind. Every fold and every inch of surface on this basket helps you make healthy, artisan bread!
  • ✔DURABLE QUALITY - created from top-quality, food-grade rattan that meets industry specifications. You can use this proofing basket for as long as you need it. Save money on the long-term.
  • ✔EASY TO CLEAN- easily cleaned through handwashing with warm water, and drying after that. Hassle-free maintenance for your everyday convenience.
  • ✔FINE END-RESULT - when it comes to buying a proofing basket, it all narrows down to the end-results. This product has been fine-tuned to get you an excellent end-product 1 pound dough at a time.
  • ✔ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE - buy confidently from a premium brand that's been making premium kitchenware and home products for years.


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