KEISEN 4 2/3″ 8oz 24/PK mini Disposable Aluminum Foil Cups 215ml for Muffin Cupcake Baking Bake Utility Ramekin Cup (Gold)


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Features of aluminum foil disposable baking tray 1) Metallic, colorful, exquisite
2) Not fade at high-temperature, heatable in convection heating oven, microwave oven, air oven and steamer. Reducing preparation time, energy conservation
3) Can be refrigerated in ultra-low temperature, high barrier aluminum foil effectively extends food preservation
4) Open flame heatable, not fade
5) Can be baked directly, reducing the turnaround process, which can effectively reduce the turnover loss
6) new and different
7) small volume, not easily broken during shipping
8) shape and color won’t be changed after being baked
Why choose us? 1). Very sturdy.These worked great and clean up was easy.They can be reused a few times too if you want.
2). We own strong production capacity and large amount stock. So we have the ability to provide quick delivery.
3). It looks pretty attractive for its metallic feature and exciting color. Currently we have more than 280 kinds of cup and will continue develop new product.
4). It is food-grade product.FDA.
5). We can provide most professional and considerate service for customer.
What it can bring to you? 1).For its baking and packaging feature, it can reduce the turnaround process and save cost and time greatly.
2). As packaging cup, it can improve your sales volume for its attractive appearance.
3). Our product is new and different.


  • This cup is sold by the pack of 24.Metallic,Colorful,Exquisite Not fade at High-temperature,heatable in convection heating oven,microwave oven,air oven and steamer.Reducing Preparation time,Energy conservation. Can be refrigerated in ultra-low temperature,high barrier aluminum foil effectively extends food preservation. Open flame heatable,not fade.
  • For baking dainty tea cakes and muffins,4 2/3-Inch by1 1/5-Inch
  • Perfect for home-baked gifts.The applications of baking cup: Dessert:Mousse Brownies,Muffins,Salads,Fruit Towers,Fruit Pie,Panna Cotta,Tiramisu,Oupei La,Corian Volumes,German Puddings,Cup Cakes,Cream Puffs,Puddings,Cheese Cakes,Grilled Cheese ,Teriyaki Fruit,Ice Cream Condiment:Caviar,Foie Gras,Honey,Jams,Sauces Features of Baking Cup
  • It is ideal for holding candies and other treats and baking party cupcakes or muffins