Kitchen Supply Toaster Oven Loaf Pan 7.5-inch by 3.75-inch by 2.25-inch


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Honey-Can-Do 3352 Toaster Oven Loaf Pan 7.5 X 3.75 X 2.25-Inch, 2.25H x 3.75W. Honey-Can-Do was founded on a few simple principles, give people what they want, give it to them at a great price, and do it with integrity and responsibility. We don’t believe you need to go broke to have a beautiful, well-organized home. Nor do we believe that the environment or our people should suffer for our desire for great product, which is why we operate an ethical and eco-responsible company that brings sustainable materials and processes into our business every day.


  • Aluminum easily conducts heat
  • Measurements are permanently etch on pan
  • Measures: 7.5-Inches x 3.75-Inches x 2.25-Inches