Neoflam Mystic Valley 1.4QT Stovetop Ceramic Cookware, Purple


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Neoflam Mystic Valley NatureCook

Mystic Valley is the perfect vessel for your one-pot meals. The elegant ridging and earthy colors bring your food to life. Safely move the pot from the stove, to the oven, to the grill without worrying about cracking and damage. Also, it is a great choice for anyone interested in cooking healthy, delicious meals in the microwave!

NatureCook is the healthy “natural” choice for everyday cooking! Nature is at its best in its original form. Rarely found in any other heat-resistant cookware, the beautiful modern colors used in these products are made up of an all-natural, zero-crack glaze to ensure safe and healthy cooking. The zero-crack glaze technology, which is derived from a unique combination of minerals, prevents seepage and keeps your cookware cleaner without pre-seasoning.

NatureCook is a highly versatile and durable line of stovetop ceramic cookware. It is compatible with various heat sources and can be used for browning, braising, baking, grilling and more. Its thermal shock resistance is also remarkably durable. It’s engineered to withstand dramatic and sudden temperature changes. For example, you may freeze leftovers in your NatureCook cookware, then defrost them in the microwave and reheat them in the oven without changing vessels! When you plan to prepare your one-pot meals with NatureCook, your recipes will surely develop richer, more complex flavors. Unlike other non-ceramic cookware, NatureCook is designed to keep your food warmer for the duration of your meal, ensuring delicious flavors and warmth until the last bite. Exceptionally versatile and intelligently engineered, cooking has never been easier or tasted better with NatureCook. It’s nature’s solution for healthy everyday cooking!


  • Ceramic cookware
  • Microwave safe
  • Resistant to thermal shock

About Neoflam

Neoflam has been at the forefront of cookware design and manufacturing since 2008. The combination of durable, lightweight cast aluminum and colorful ceramic coating brought early success as customers looked for new ways to liven up their kitchen. In 2014, Neoflam built a new factory in Korea, in addition to existing factories in China, that borrowed the latest industrial technologies from the automobile industry. This was to ensure Neoflam remains on the cutting edge of kitchen innovation while continuing to provide quality, products to our loyal customers all over the world. Neoflam – lighting a “new flame” in the kitchenware industry.

Neoflam’s leadership in product design has been recognized by the following prestigious design awards: iF (2012, 2016), Red Dot (2012, 2013, 2014), and Design Plus (2014).


  • Made from heat resistant clay that is oven safe up to 752 Degree degrees
  • Can be used on diverse heat sources such as stove, barbecue grill, hot plate, halogen plate, oven & microwave
  • Transmits infrared rays, which penetrate deep into food for better retention of flavors & nutrition
  • Winner of Red Dot Award 2014 in product design! Adds remarkable style to your home
  • Measures L 9″ x W 7.25″ x H 5.75″; Weighs 3.1 lbs.; Limited lifetime warranty;