Parchment Paper Sheets-12 x 16 1/2″


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John & Jennie’s Silicone Parchment Paper is perfect for Non-Stick baking and great with oily substances due to the silicone covering. Very safe to use and wonderful for fast cleanup! Pack of 100 precut sheets Size: 12 × 16½ Dimensions: 16½”L × 12″W (approx.)


  • John & Jennie’s Parchment paper is perfect for non-stick baking and cooking.
  • Pack of 100 precut John & Jennie’s Silicone sheets.
  • Dimensions: 16 1/2″X 12″w
  • Made of silicone coated vegetable parchment (100% pure cellulose fiber)
  • Suitable for use in conventional ovens up to 450 degree f/230c and in the microwave