Premium 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack and Baking Rack Commercial Grade Stainless Steel 304 (18/8) Heavy Duty 11.5″ by 16.5″ – For Baking and Cooling – Oven Safe For Half Sheet Pan

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We scouted the market for Stainless Steel Cooling and Baking racks but were not satisfied. A few reasons why, 1) Many were not Commercial quality Steel 304 (18/8) so corroded over time and became flimsy 2) Many were Heavy duty but had an unbalanced feel 3) Many were Half Welded. The support cross bars on the base were not firmly fixed, giving instability and flimsiness 4) Most had large grid holes. This was very worrying. This affected air circulation causing the bakery to sag and also to fall through 5) The Leg height was not optimized. This also greatly affected air flow for Cooling and Baking 6) The standard 17" by 12" racks we found did not fit into Nordic Ware, Wilton and Island Ware half sheet pans. This was a major concern. So we worked to develop QualityBake, the SAFEST, ULTIMATE Cooling and Baking Rack OPTIMIZED for your use. To allow the best Cooling for any of your baked goods fresh from the oven such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, pies, chocolate, pizza or breads. Perfect also for roasting of meat, fish or vegetables in the oven. You will not find another rack to compete in terms of QUALITY and PRICE: • COMMERCIAL Quality Stainless Steel 304 (18/8). Contains 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel, giving a superb ROBUST, NON-FLIMSY, RUST-FREE rack. NON-STICK and NON-COATED so will not peel off with baked food. • Heavy Duty yet AMAZINGLY Light and Sturdy. Uniquely Engineered • FULLY WELDED gives extra firmness and balance • OPTIMIZED Tight Grid Pattern so your baked goods do not fall through • OPTIMIZED Leg Height giving your treats the best Air Flow • OPTIMIZED Rack size of 11.5" by 16.5" perfect for ANY Half Sheet Pan in the Market. We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. So under normal use if the rack ever breaks or rusts, we will provide you with a brand new one or give a full refund. QualityBake is your Seal of Approval for Commercial quality. Hurry and Click "ADD TO CART" whilst OFFER LASTS!


  • USA'S #1 BAKING AND COOLING RACK! We will not be beaten on QUALITY and PRICE! 100% STAINLESS STEEL COMMERCIAL GRADE 304 (18/8) HEAVY DUTY ensures it is extra robust, will not rust or corrode or bend at high temperatures "This rack is awesome", "This is very heavy duty, yet is very light", ".. better than any other I have owned. You can really feel the quality of this rack from the second you open the package. This rack is not flimsy", "What I like most about this cooling rack is its sturdiness"
  • HAS AN EXTRA CLOSELY SPACED CROSS GRID PATTERN (for Optimal Surface area, Air Circulation and ensuring your baked treats do not fall through) AND 6 RAISED FEET TO OPTIMAL HEIGHT to ensure the perfect Air flow for Cooling and Baking. "When I made small almond cookies they would fall between the lines..I realized that the grid pattern on this one would solve my problem. I made a new batch of cookies & boom! Perfect cooling & glazing without having to chase them under the rack!"
  • PERFECTLY FITS INTO LARGE 18" x 13" HALF SHEET PAN - Optimal rack size of 16.5" by 11.5" ensures the inside sloping edges of pans are countered, so 17" by 12" racks may not fit here. The QualityBake also fits Nordic Ware, Wilton and Island Ware half sheet pans which most other racks will not fit. "Fits my baking pan perfectly", "I'm very impressed by the weight and how sturdy this rack is", "Wonderful product! Extremely well made, connection points are secure", "I would HIGHLY recommend this"
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. WE OFFER A LIFETIME GUARANTEE or an immediate refund or replacement. QualityBake is your seal of Approval and our pleasure is in Your Satisfaction. "This is the best cooking rack I have ever had. It is strong, durable and very well made!", "This is an elegant and excellent wire cooling rack", "Every kitchen needs this cooling rack. The grid is small enough that your pastries won't droop through but large enough that cool air gets to the underside"
  • UNIQUELY ENGINEERED BEING FULLY WELDED (each of the 3 Support cross bars are firmly fixed to each Grid for extra firmness and durability, unlike the usual Half Welded racks). MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FOR COOLING, BAKING AND ROASTING - OVEN SAFE TO 570˚F AND DISHWASHER SAFE. "It is sturdy and made from high quality material", "This product is exactly as advertised, a premium product", "I love how sturdy this rack is and the size it comes it!", "I had no idea this is how cooling racks were supposed to be"


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