Professional Baker’s Couche and Proofing Cloth Made Of 100% Cotton Material 24X36 Inch for Baguettes and Ciabatta Loaves -2 Packs

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Thinking of a way to Bake delicious baguettes?  Then our bakers Couche is the perfect accessory you`ve been missing! It is a professional grade cotton bakers Couche which you can use for supporting proofing bread dough especially baguettes.

 It is made of 100% premium quality cotton material that is specially designed for heavy duty and professional use.  Doesn’t it look rough when you bake with fraying bakers Couche? The good news is, ourproofing cloth is untreated and unbleached, so you do not need to worry about fraying!

Bake like a pro asyou use our dough cloth. Once you place your dough between the couch folds, you will be able to give your dough a desired shape and prevent the dough fromproofing into each other.  It also helps to wicks away a little of the dough outer moisture to help develop a skin and hold the final shape, so you achieve a crisp crust shape.

Simply place the shaped dough in the folds of the floured cloth, when risen, roll them onto a peel, then put into your wood fired brick oven.Do not wash your couche. A couche should never be washed.Hang and air dry after use, then roll and store it for future use.Because our couche is made of natural and untreated fabric, the odor you may experience is completely natural.It will not affect the aroma of your bread and it will dissipate in time.Do not bake in oven. A couche is used to proof the bread.It can not withstand the heat.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY BAKERS COUCHE- Our proofing cloth is made of top quality 24 x 36 inches 100% untreated and unbleached cotton material. It is made under state of the art facility following strict quality control, top for your baguettes.
  • DURABLE: professional grade fiber, finished seam on all four edges to prevent fraying.
  • LARGE SIZE: 24 x 36 Inches, plenty of surface to work multiple loaves, creases in this stiff proofing cloth stand up on their own to hold a solid peak between loaves, it fits 6 or 7 baguettes at a time.
  • PROFESSIONAL TOOL FOR PROFESSIONAL BAKERS- Do you want to bake top quality delicious, buttery and highly favored bread and ciabatta loaves? Then our baguette cloth is just what you need.
  • MAKE DELICIOUS BAGUETTES SAFELY- Make sumptuous, tasty and delicious baguettes for the enjoyment of your guests, family or customers. It is made of top quality cotton that is 100% safe to use.