SET OF 6 – 6 1/2 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Flat Rim Flat Base Mixing Bowl


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These bowls are the same heavy duty quality that restaurants use to withstand repeated use. You can never have too many stainless steel mixing bowl when baking or kitchen prepping for your multiple dishes. 

These high-rimmed bowl is a medium size that is handy for many jobs, from cracking eggs to mixing batter-you’ll definitely want more than one. 

The flatter bottom makes for steady work in the kitchen, and is ideal for submerged marinating of meat and other foods. 

Diameter – 6 1/2 Inches
Height – 2 Inches
Volume Capacity – 3/4 Quart


  • Price reflects six (6) bowls per order
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Flat top rim
  • Multi-purpose mixing and food preparation bowls
  • DIMENSIONS: Diameter – 6 1/2 Inches, Height – 2 Inches, Volume Capacity – 3/4 Quart