Silchef Professional Silicone Baking Mat Set of 3 – 2 x Standard Half Sheet, 1 x Toaster Oven – Non Stick Heat Resistant Liners for Cookie Sheets

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Made of premium silicone/fiberglass for better airflow & even heat distribution, these thick 1mm, nonstick, nontoxic baking mats come in 2 handy sizes. Turn any cookie sheets or pan into a non-stick cooking surface!

More for Your Money!

With each Silchef Set, you get:

2 US half-sheet mats, each 16-1/2″ x 11-5/8″, designed to fit neatly inside any standard 18″ x 13″ baking tray
1 quarter-sheet mat (11-1/2″ x 8-1/2″), perfect for your toaster oven or microwave
All at 1 sensible price!

Non-Stick Baking, Roasting & More

Talk about versatile… they’re a perfect alternative to fatty oils, messy sprays & costly parchment paper. What’s more, they’ll help ensure perfect results: evenly baked cookies… crusty golden-brown breads… fluffy pies & pastries… juicy, tender roasts….perfect for pastry rolling …..great for making macarons, Jelly rolls and much more.

The secret’s the top-grade silicone/fiberglass mesh, which allows better air circulation for more even heat distribution.

Safe for Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer

Each Chef grade Silchef Mat withstands temperatures from minus 40 to 482 degrees F. So, you can pop it in the oven, wash it in the dishwasher, even slip it into the freezer.

Better for Your Family, Your Budget & the Planet

No more greasy oils & iffy sprays! Our FDA-approved silicone mats:

• Add NO calories, toxins, odd smells, or bad flavors
• Wipe clean in seconds – no mess, no scraping
• Are reusable over & over, so they’re cheaper than parchment paper & easier on the environment

Plus, They’re Backed by Our Full Guarantee


  • THICK/LARGE & PREMIUM QUALITY: each pack includes two US standard half size baking sheets (16.5″ x 11 5/8″) and One small size 11.5″ x 8.5″ silicone sheet – extra thick 1.0 mm tear resistant FDA approved silicone mats.
  • HEALTHIER – BETTER RESULTS – you will no longer have to use oils or butter when cooking. Baking with our silicon mats is easier and you will get better, tastier results. Silchef silicon baking mats are odourless and they do not absorb flavours, so you won’t taste yesterday’s dinner in your baked goods.
  • NON-STICK / EASILY CLEANED – your days of struggling to bake using parchment paper or sprays will be over, as will your days of cookie scraping. Each silicone baking mat will turn any pan or rack into a nonstick surface instantly. Maintaining and keeping your silicon baking sheets nonstick set is easy. They can be wiped clean with warm, soapy water after use or you can pop them into the dishwasher.
  • FOOD SAFE/NON-TOXIC & HEALTHY: Made of premium quality non-toxic materials passed by strict FDA approved tests. Each heat resistant non stick baking sheet can withstand temperatures between -40°F to 480°F and can be used in the oven, freezer, refrigerator, microwave and also toaster ovens.
  • FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE – Your pack will also include a FREE, beautifully illustrated EBook with delicious healthy recipes. We also offer a NO RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you are not completely satisfied with your silicone cooking mat set we will give you a full refund no questions asked.