Gluten Free Bread Machines

In a rush?  How does freshly baked gluten-free bread ready in an hour sound? Choose crusts of light, medium and dark, or program the delay timer so bread is ready as you put dinner on the table

What constitutes the best cookie sheets really is relative. What’s right for one baker may not be the best choice for another.

Spongy, perfectly risen, flaky crumb underneath a delicious crust describes the perfect cupcake. Which cake pans should you use? We’ll show you the choices for your style of cooking

Program the timer and wake to the smell of freshly baked bread to welcome the new day. Choose from pre-programmed settings for pizza dough, cakes, and crusty breads when you invest in a versatile bread maker. 

Ninja blenders combine the best features of multiple small kitchen appliances into one unit to perform multiple  kitchen tasks

Do you want to create soft, spongy cakes, chewy cookies, brownies or perfectly browned breads? Check out this baking pans guide to understand the importance of choosing well

Save weekday meal organization time by prepping in advance using your stand mixer. The flat beater attachment is perfect for shredding

green juice with kale and strawberries

There’s a blender to suit all budgets whether you’re looking to pulverize pesto, whip up healthy hummus, crush ice or smoothies are the go to

Save on the number of appliances you need with multi-purpose Stand Mixers like Kitchen Aid that offer 15 optional attachments to juice, chop vegs, grind meat, roll out pasta dough

‘Seasoning’ means creating a non-stick layer on uncoated stoneware baking dishes that builds up over time. Follow this step-by-step guide to seasoning stoneware pans

Non-stick, heat-resistant and dishwasher safe, silicone molds and bakeware is a popular choice. Just how safe is silicone and how do you clean silicone bakeware?

Widely considered the best bakeware in the world with great cooking results at low heat. Learn how to use and care for Le Creuset bakeware

Using a ‘cold-pressing’ action a masticating juicer produces higher quality juice from leafy greens. Find out which are top choices

If you’re whipping up delicious treats regularly for your family, or only dust off the cake pans for special occasions, having a good quality set of cookware that produces great bakes is essential. Whether you want to know the difference between a cake tin or a muffin tin, are wondering whether aluminium, stainless steel or silicone are better choices, or want guidance on kitchen appliances our guides will help you with your choices.

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Needing advice to choose bakeware and kitchen items? We’ve expert reviews to help

Bake Like The Experts

We understand that whether you’re simply shopping for a set of cake pans or cookie baking sheets there’s questions around finding non toxic bakeware. No kitchen is complete without a good set of bakeware! So take a look around and check our reviews.

What’s the Right Bakeware?

Everyone will have different preferences. For example, think about how your neighbor bakes cookies, compared with how you bake cookies. You probably both bake a little differently, which means you’ll need a different type of bakeware. We’ll help you decide what’s right for you by giving you information to make a great choice.

Keep it Simple

Don’t be swayed too much by the specialty bakeware that’s hitting the shelves. Remember to keep a good set of ‘all-rounders’ – baking sheets, cookie sheets, and loaf pans that can be used for a wide range of different baking tasks. Double up on their uses. Loaf pans can also make great pound cake tins, while cookie sheets can be placed under spring-form cake pans to catch any leaks from runny batter.

But it doesn’t hurt to have a few specialty pans, particularly for special occasions.

Know the Products

It’s good to know a product before you buy, and that’s where we can help. Whether it’s reading bakeware reviews, browsing different products, or simply getting some inspiration, we think knowledge is power! Bakeware is changing all the time – layer cake tins, foldaway cake tins, push pans, silicone pans.

For All your Baking Needs

Important Features

While the ‘right’ bakeware will vary depending on each person’s individual requirements, there are a few key features that we think every type of good bakeware should have. Good cake pans and tins should be heat resistant, obviously! A cake pan that melts in the oven isn’t exactly ideal.

Bakeware must be non toxic.

Good bakeware should be durable and long lasting, and of course it should be dishwasher safe! Do you have time to wash up the dishes when there’s warm cake ready to be eaten? No, neither do we!

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