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Profile pic of Betty with grand-daughter
With Ally baking cookies in my kitchen

So much about baking and cooking is love. It’s not only nourishing the body, but nourishing the soul with the warmth of sharing time with our family and friends.

Our responsibility, and privilege, is to care for our bodies and nurture our loved ones.

Bakeware and cookware ranges continue to grow, so we put these to the test and pass on user experience and research in our findings. The best choices ensure stress-free cooking, will save you time and give results. That’s what we all want more of, right?

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    Favorite times in the kitchen

    Standing on a chair to reach the kitchen bench and the mixing bowl with the wooden spoon. Delicately mixing the egg and milk into the flour mix to produce a deliciously gooey texture. Licking my sticky fingers once the cookies had gone into the oven. Such wonderful memories and I love that my grand-daughter Ally can’t wait to come visit Nonna to do the same thing now.

    The wonderful smell of cakes baking in the oven, temptingly close to being taken out ready to cool. Spreading the icing and decorating the ‘little cakes’. The big decision is jelly beans or ‘hundreds and thousands’ to decorate my cupcakes.

    I treasure those memories and the many things I learned in our big, warm, colorful kitchen growing up. My love of cooking starting alongside Mom in the kitchen.

    My Nonna was the ‘jam maker’ and my aunty followed very closely in those large footsteps. The quintessential home cook. In the kitchen, side by side, my Aunt and Nonna always ‘cooked up a storm’ for the family and visitors.

    It seemed that just hearing footsteps walking up the stairs of their house was enough to trigger baking the next batch of pumpkin scones or pikelets. The smell of fresh baking, just about to come out of the oven was the greeting as a visitor walked in the door. The scones and pikelets were always teamed with homemade jam. Depending on the season, cumquart, marmalade, strawberry, apricot or my favorite, rosella jam. The fruits were freshly picked. Oh the thought of those magnificent freshly baked scones with home-made jam!

    When I stayed over it was nourishing casseroles, hearty stews, and delicious roasts that were the order of the day.

    Mom was the ‘dessert queen’ with utterly delicious ‘mouth-watering’ creations. Our family was treated almost every night of the week to my mom’s experiments. The ‘golden staircase’ tart, cheesecakes, ‘strawberry souffle’ and ‘chiffon blush’ are standouts in my memory. I almost forgot the Monty Carlo’s. How could I forget those?

    It wasn’t all sweets. Fresh vegs and fruit had a very strong emphasis in our household too. I was so lucky to grow up in a home filled with magnificent food prepared by a loving cook.

    There was always a home-cooked deliciously rich fruitcake in the pantry. Family get-togethers and celebrations meant a feast of home baking and delicious food being prepped.

    And so, I grew up loving cooking, growing in my knowledge and skills with an ever-increasing thirst to learn more.

    Baking lessons I learned

    • I learned that using the best bakeware = results
    • I learned that using the best appliances = time saving
    • I learned confidence in your appliances = stress free cooking
    • I learned caring for your bakeware and appliances = years of service

    I continue to love learning about produce, ingredients and the variety of foods we have available to experiment with. I especially enjoy the seasonality of fruits and vegetables and cooking with them while they’re freely available and at their juiciest and most delicious.

    Meet the Team

    LJ (Linnie-Jane) profile pic
    In her kitchen with LJ

    LJ (Linnie-Jane) and Lynne join me bringing their passion for baking and cooking to Bettysbakeware.com.

    LJ has also taken a deep dive into the health benefits of juicing and smoothies and shares her special interest knowledge.

    Lynne and LJ share their expertise and experience of kitchen appliances and baking products along with their own research. You’ll find their contributions and reviews throughout the site.

    Profile pic of Lynne in her kitchen
    Lynne at home in her kitchen

    Experience and enthusiasm, Lynne has these in spades to contribute and she’s keen to share. Lynne also has a special interest in induction cooking. You can find more about induction cooking, induction cooktops and cookware on her site yourcookhouse.com.

    Baking, cooking and  nourishing. These are our passions.

    Providing sustenance is love and there’s so much joy in sharing and caring.

    Thanks for joining us. Best baking!

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