About Us

Learning from the best, my love of cooking starting alongside Mom in the kitchen. Standing on a chair to reach the bench, mixing bowl held tightly in hand. Delicately mixing in the egg to produce a deliciously gooey texture. I’d image the fruits of my efforts.

The wonderful aroma of cakes baking in the oven, temptingly close to being taken out ready to cool. Spreading the icing and decorating the ‘little cakes’ as they were called when I was small. Would it be jelly beans or ‘hundreds and thousands’ to add the finishing touch to my cupcakes today?

I treasure those memories, and the many things I learnt in that colorful kitchen growing up.

baking cookies
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My Nan was the ‘jam maker’ and my aunt followed very closely in those large footsteps, the quintessential home cook . Always in the kitchen, side by side, Aunty Joan and Nan would be ‘cooking up a storm’ for the family and visitors. Just walking up the stairs to their house would be enough to trigger baking the next batch of pumpkin scones or pikelets teamed with homemade jam. Depending on the season, cumquat, marmalade, strawberry, apricot or my favorite rosella jam. Oh, the thought of those magnificent freshly baked scones, home-made jam and cream! When it came to any food savoury, nourishing casseroles, hearty stews, and delicious roasts were the order of the day when I stayed over.

Mom was the ‘dessert queen’. The equally delicious and ‘mouth watering’ creations, our family would be treated almost every night of the week. The ‘golden staircase’ tart, cheesecakes, ‘strawberry souffle’ and ‘chiffon blush’ stand out in my memory.

How very lucky I was to grow up in a home filled with magnificent food. Mom always a home-cooked deliciously rich fruitcake in the pantry. Family get-togethers and celebrations would mean a feast of home baking and delicious food created by Mom and my Aunts for the family and guests to enjoy.

And so, I grew up loving cooking, growing in my knowledge and skills with an ever increasing thirst to learn more.

Never far from the kitchen, I continue to enjoy learning about produce, ingredients and the wonderful variety of foods we have available to us to experiment with in our kitchens.

Bakeware product ranges continue to grow and so I like to put these to the test. Cooking continues to be a passion and we’ll share knowledge, reviews and recipes.

Thanks for joining us. Best baking!