When choosing a cookie baking sheets, you should be aware of the options to find a sheet that meets your needs. A few considerations are the size of the baking sheet, materials – when to use aluminum and why choose stainless steel, color and why this is important, weight, when to use a baking tray rack.

line an aluminum cookie sheet with baking paper if you’ve added citrus to your recipe or use a stainless steel tray

Size of the baking sheet

Note: If you use a recipe that calls for oil, the cookies will spread more, and require a larger cookie baking sheet.

Think about the average cookie batch size you tend to bake regularly when trying to find the best one for your needs.

Disadvantages of large baking sheets

  1. A very large cookie baking sheet can be difficult to store
  2. Large cookie sheets may heat unevenly if large areas of the sheet are not covered by dough.

Disadvantages of small cookie sheets

  1. They may not be large enough to allow you to leave adequate space between the cookies. This is important because of cookie spread.
  2.  If you tend to make cookies with baking fat like lard or margarine, a smaller sheet may suffice.
aluminium baking sheet

how aluminum baking sheets fit into a standard oven


When to use aluminum cookie sheets

Many cookie sheet pans are made from aluminum. The question is ‘does this material really make for the best cookie sheets?’ To answer that we need to look at these factors. It depends on the type of cookies you make on a regular basis and

  • Are you baking plain cookies, chocolate chip or any other type of common cookie?

An aluminum baking sheet is an excellent choice if your answer is yes.

When to use a stainless steel baking tray

If you frequently make more unusual cookies that contain acidic foods like lemon or orange, it’s important to remember that aluminum and acid react, and your citrus cookies can develop a slightly metallic taste.

stainless steel baking tray

use a stainless steel baking tray if your cooking with lemon or orange zest

In this case, use a stainless steel baking tray.

If it’s a one-off you can simply line an aluminum cookie sheet with baking paper alternatively silicone baking sheets will work well.


When it comes to color, prettier does not always mean better, and the best cookie sheets might be those that don’t look as attractive as others.

Darkened metals look good, and they fit in with many different kitchen decor styles, but it’s important to remember that the darker the color, the more heat that’s retained. This means your cookies keep cooking long after you’ve switched the oven off causing over-browning or even burning.

Always look for cookie sheet pans that are light in color and shiny so they reflect the heat, rather than absorbing it.

Insulated or Uninsulated Sheets?

Some bakers will tell you that insulated sheets are the best cookie sheets. The reason for this is because insulated cookie sheet pans contain 2 layers of metal with a gap in between. This regulates the temperature of the pan, controlling heating levels and ensuring the cookies bake at a lower temperature. This results in a product that is evenly cooked and browned to perfection.

Note: If you regularly make cookies that have a high-fat content, insulated cookie sheet pans can prove troublesome. The fat inside the cookie dough melts when warmed. If the dough isn’t hot enough to begin to solidify, that fat will leak out of the dough, leaving you with soggy-bottomed cookies that are dry and flaky in the middle.


Lightweight cookie sheet pans are very inexpensive, and they’re great if you’re making cookies with children and they want to help lift the pan into the oven. However, they’re not considered to be the best cookie sheets. They can easily buckle when exposed to high temperatures.

A heavy duty cookie baking sheet will keep its shape in the oven and, if cared for properly, should last a lifetime.

Depending on circumstances, it’s recommended that bakers purchase heavier, more durable cookie sheets for optimal results and unrivalled ease.

Baking Tray Rack

baking tray rack

excellent for cooling cookies to perfection or cooking meats and vegetables

This baking tray rack is a must for your kitchen. Add versatility to your baking sheets with this baking tray.

1. Use the baking rack for cooling your cookies when you’re wanting to get airflow around them to get that perfect crunch on the outside.

2. Use the rack for baking to lift your vegetables or meats and chicken out of the tray for an even cook all round. Elevating your chicken or meat gives a crispier result because of the airflow underneath. You’ll also have a healthier cook. Oil drips down from the food into the tray. For easy cleaning, line the tray with baking paper.

The baking tray rack is easy to clean, after the first few uses, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.


If you have a limited amount of space in your kitchen you’ll find a baking tray/sheets rack storage very handy. They allow you to stack your baking trays and cookie sheets. They’re inexpensive and for these 2 reasons, they are well worth the investment. Firstly you can always find the cookie sheet you’ve after without having to search awkwardly in the very back of your cupboards and secondly keep your cupboards organized.

Finding the Best Cookie Sheets

The good news is the industry is diverse, and whether you’re open to any sort of sheet or have particular requirements, you’ll find it easy to find cookie sheet pans that tick all the boxes for you.

Remember what constitutes the best cookie sheets really is relative. What’s right for one baker may not be the best choice for another.

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