When you first brought home your mixer, you probably whipped up a batch or cookies or put together an impressive ‘made from scratch cake’. You loved the convenience and time saving qualities that a mixer brought into your life and never looked back. But did you know that the stand mixer resting on your counter can save you time in other ways, too? Here are the top five ways to use your mixer without using the mixing attachment.


Drinking juice is incredibly beneficial for our bodies and gets our day started in the right direction. Now imagine if you were able to make that juice yourself in just a matter of minutes and enjoy unaltered, straight from the source juice. When you use a juicer attachment, it’s possible to juice fruits and vegetables with ease and by using different pulp screens, control the consistency of your juice as well.

Grinding Meat

Have you ever considered making your own ground beef for hamburgers? Grinding your own meat can save you some money and give you better control over its consistency (and fat content). Mixers allow you to use an attachment to safely and easily grind meat so that you always have a variety of whole and ground meat on hand.

Chopping Veggies

Chopping up vegetables for stir-fry’s and salads can get boring. One little slip of the knife can be pretty painful as well. But a chopping attachment for your mixer solves these problems. You can get all of your vegetables uniformly chopped and ready to go in literally seconds. Enjoy your extra free time and keep your fingertips safe this way.

Rolling Out Pasta Dough

If you’ve never made your own pasta dough before, you might be a little scared to give it a shot. But once you do, you’ll be surprised just how rewarding the experience can be. However, one of the most difficult parts of the process is rolling your dough to make it uniform. When you have a pasta dough roller attachment for your mixer, you’re guaranteed to get even and uniform dough that’s great for making spaghetti, fettucine or even ravioli.

Stuffing Sausage

You’ll be the talk of the town when you bring home stuffed Italian sausages to the neighborhood cook-out. With the right attachment for your mixer, you can whip up a batch of stuffed sausages in minutes and it can be exciting coming up with your own special recipe.

Have a family recipe? You’ll make Grandma proud, thanks to your mixer.

If you don’t already own a mixer, you might be more interested than ever in adding one to your army of kitchen tools. If you’re unsure which one is the right fit for you, take a look at these reviews to get you headed down the right path.

Kitchen Stand Mixer Reviews


KitchenAid introduced their first stand mixer in 1919. They’ve been improving and upgrading the product ever since. The newest models, like the 5-Quart Tilt-Head Artisan Series Stand Mixer and the 6-Quart Bowl-Life Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer, come in a stunning variety of colors. The brand offers more than 15 optional attachments so that you get the most out of your mixer. A five-quart stainless steel bowl is large enough to make enough dough for nine dozen cookies so you’ll be able to produce more delicious treats than ever before. KitchenAid really has thought of just about everything to improve your experience in the kitchen.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is another well-known kitchen appliance producer and their stand mixer is a great value. You’ll still be able to whip up some great mixes without emptying your bank account. The Hamilton Beach 64435 6-Speed Stand Mixer includes a powerful 300-watt motor and offers better and more convenient mixing when compared to a two-beater mixer. It includes three attachments and six speeds so there’s an attachment and speed that will work perfectly for whatever mix you’re whipping up.


If you’re looking for one more product to compare, consider the Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer. It features 350 watts of power and has 12 different speeds, many more than its competitors. It comes with chrome beaters, whisks, dough hooks and two glass bowls so that you can see the progress of your ingredients as you mix them. One of the best advantages of this model is that the top is detachable, turning into a portable handheld mixer as well.

We sure have come far since the days of mixing with a wooden spoon. Let your kitchen create more with the addition of a mixer. You’ll find yourself using it for more than you ever dreamed of, especially once you learn that it’s for more than just mixing.