Cook Up a Delicious Meal With the Best Cooktop

cobaki February 8, 2015  on Cook Up a Delicious Meal With the Best Cooktop

A cooktop offers multiple installation options and is one of the must-have appliances in the home. The cooktop is entirely independent, which makes it different to the traditional cooking stoves. They are easily integrated into kitchen work surfaces over a built-in oven or even installed on a kitchen island.

Here are 5 of the major types of cooktops:

Electric Coil – An electric coil cooktop comes with two to four burners for cooking and includes a drip bowl for ease in catching liquid and food. Heat generated by the electric coils is fixed and constant and able to accept a variety of cookware items. They are one of the easier cooking surfaces to clean. Also, the electric coil cooktops are relatively affordable compared to the latest gas models on the market.


Electric Smoothtop – An electric smoothtop has four or more heating elements which are hidden beneath a ceramic glass surface. They are appreciated for offering a cooking surface able to heat up and cool down within a relatively short period. This quick heating surface makes it possible to cook food quicker than even the electric coil cooktops. Because of the solid glass surface they are very easy to clean and maintain.


Induction – The induction cooktop surface is favored for its ability to stay cool when in use. These cooking surfaces only heat the actual cookware and its content. Induction cooktops do not include heating elements seen on the conventional cooktops. They offer an energy-efficient option because they do not use traditional radiant heat. Liquid and food is also heated much quicker compared to the more traditional cooktops. An induction cooking surface is electrical powered, although it is possible to convert the system to gas if preferred using a conversion kit.

Gas – A gas cooktop is the preferred choice for the professional chef. They have four to six burners which give fast, precise heat. A gas cooktop can have a smooth ceramic glass or open burner top. This gas appliance is perfect for the home with a propane or natural gas source.


Modular – A modular cooktop is a versatile option with the ability to combine regular heating elements with either grill-style or griddle elements. A modular appliance is available in a range of sizes and layouts, and runs on both electric or gas. Because of the range of cooking elements possible, they are vary significantly in size with the large units measuring 36 inches or more.

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