Benefits of Using Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

cobaki February 8, 2015 Comments Off on Benefits of Using Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

If you are interested in a crispy, chewy crust of pizza that is loaded with additional nutritional values of minerals and vitamins or the special smoky flavor, you will definitely not go wrong when you use a wood fired pizza oven. Owning a wood fired oven offers many benefits, including efficiency and being economical.

It is efficient in the sense that it cooks faster, resulting in a better tasting and healthy pizza. It is economical because it can prepare several pizzas at the same time, in addition to cooking many other foods. Most of the wood fired ovens can be purchased from $2,500-$10,000, depending on the size and quality of the oven.

· Higher cooking temperatures

Heat tends to radiate out from wood fire, spreading around the oven. Ultimately, it is absorbed by the walls of the oven. This heat radiates evenly through the dome, while the floor inside the oven remains cooler. As the oven gets hot inside, the temperatures inside the oven can rise anywhere between 570 degree and 660 degrees. Therefore, the ability to maintain a small fire continuously can be achieved. A good pizza is prepared within such an environment.


· Better crust

High temperatures, radiant heat emanating from the fire and heat bouncing off inside the oven’s walls help to crisp the pizza very quickly, while any moisture inside the dough is sealed off. This can help a great deal in preventing the dough’s base from becoming soggy. The result is a flavorful crust that is puffy, yet chewy and soft.

· Faster cooking time

The availability of high heat stored within the oven’s dense walls, allows the wood oven to cook pizza very fast. It can take a maximum of about 2-3 minutes to cook pizza, which can proof extremely economical, particularly when you are preparing many pizzas.

· Unique flavor

Wood burning ovens are recommended highly because they can impart a unique smoky flavor. Such a flavor is ordinarily not reproduced in a regular kitchen oven. High temperatures tend to produce many flavors that cannot be achieved using slow cooking. Because heat destroys flavor of olive oil, leaving none on the sauce or dough, a good quality olive oil is often drizzled on the cooked pizza before serving.

· Crispier toppings

Constant airflow and intense heat generated within the wood burning oven helps to seal and cook the top evenly and quickly. As a result, the vegetable toppings become more crispy than would otherwise be the case with pizzas prepared in a regular oven. Furthermore, quick cooking allows the vitamins and nutrients present in vegetables to remain, while the cheese retains a smoky flavor and an appealing color, without burning.

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