The Most Popular Mexican Dessert Preparations

Mexican dessert preparations are normally very rich flavored with luscious taste and unique appearance. If you’ve not tried a Mexican dessert recipe then you’re certainly missing out something. The list of dessert dishes in Mexican cuisine is never ending and the best thing is that all recipes are equally fantastic.

If you ask about the top 3 Mexican dessert recipes then not surprisingly, everybody has their personal preferences, but I’m sure that flan will be at the top of the list. Flan is somewhat similar to creme caramel with its custard is set with condensed milk, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar and few other delicious ingredients. Flan can be prepared with the time-tested recipes or made with orange essence, cinnamon and chocolate and due to this archetypal Mexican dish is popular in global cuisine.

Churros – Appetizing Deep Fried Dessert

Churros is an additional mouth watering recipe for Mexican desserts. The key ingredients that create this delectable treat are butter, flour and eggs. Churros are normally deep fried and served as a sizzling hot sweet dish. You can lovingly munch churros while dipping in coffee or hot chocolate drink in breakfast or enjoy eating them as snack to supercharge your energy level.

However Mexican cookies and cakes encompass many variations and all are really wonderful but churros is something that enjoyed the reputation of being the most cherished breakfast for the busy and working Mexicans, because churros are available on every nook and corner of the Mexican streets in the morning.

The original and traditional recipe of churros has not altered at all.

If your concern is calorie contents, then Mexican churros isn’t your perfect wholesome breakfast or dessert but if you only want the taste then this recipe will work for you.

Tips to Make Sweet Variations of Salty Mexican Recipes

If you love enchiladas, why not taste its sweet adaptation? Sweet enchiladas can be arranged by stuffing the tortillas with fruit pie contents, a sauce can also be prepared by cooking sugar and butter with little water.

Pour the sauce over the top of the fruit filled tortillas and bake them till the time they are hot and crusty. One can also make sweet versions of empanadas with fruits, chocolate and additional flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is most probable that for many people flan, churros and sweet enchiladas may be the top three Mexican dessert preparations but its totally up to you to choose your favorites.

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