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How to Identify Vintage Pyrex® Bakeware : What’s in a Logo?

by Lyn February 2 2024 The first key lies in the lettering and understanding the distinction provides insight into the composition of Pyrex bakeware. Uppercase PYREX typically suggests the use of borosilicate glass. And lowercase ‘pyrex’ an indicator of heat-tempered soda-lime glass. What’s the difference between PYREX and pyrex? It’s not only the capitalization that’s […]

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Fruit Cake Recipe

A good old-fashioned recipe that never lets me down.  In fact, this was recipe was passed down to me from my mother – and I still make it every single Christmas.  It just works and tastes fantastic. Ingredients: 1 1/4 kg (2.75lb) sultanas 500g raisins (1.1lb) (chop) 250g (8.8oz) currants 250g (8.8oz) mixed peel 250g

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About Baking

Lynne Published February 8, 2015; Updated by Lynne May 3 2023  on About Baking Baking uses the transfer of heat gradually from the surface to the centre of the food product being cooked. As heat moves from the outer area to the inner, as in batter and dough, it leaves a dry, firm outer crust

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Grilling Tips: Turn Off That Oven! Grilled Turkey Recipe for Thanksgiving

Cobaki updated April 29 2023 Purists beware; you might not like what you’re about to read about preparing the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey. I believe that while oven-roasting a turkey gets it cooked, grilling that bird results in a turkey that’s cooked with immense flavor. Being “turkey experimental non-purists,” I also recommend smoking and frying your

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How to Select an Ideal Oven

cobaki February 8, 2015 Comments Off on How to Select an Ideal Oven It is time to purchase a new stove when the current one in use is already insufficient for the user’s cooking needs. Another situation where it becomes pertinent to select a new oven is during a home remodeling project. In either case,

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Elementor #31770

Hollandaise Sauce A rich, delightfully delicate sauce to complement salmon, fish, egg dishes and an exquisite accompaniment to vegetables like asparagus. Hollandaise is French for ‘Dutch sauce’. It has interesting roots, seeped in history, and whether the foundations are from France or Netherlands, it’s had a huge impact on the food we enjoy throughout the

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The Problem with Aluminum Bakeware

Love baking with more unusual fats like coconut oil? Are burnt edges your guilty passion? There are pans to suit. Here’s a guide to great bakeware: Stainless Steel Pans These pans are perfect if you love whipping up tarts and fruity cakes. Or desserts, like key lime pie, lemon drizzle cake, and cran-orange cookies. Stainless

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4 Healthy Desserts to Enjoy

When it comes to eating a healthy diet, the hardest thing for many is resisting the temptation of delicious desserts that are loaded with extra fat, calories, and sugar. If you know a little bit about what types of foods are healthy you can easily make your own sweet snacks after dinner that are healthy

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